Best WiFi ENABLED (mirror cam) • PARTIM NX100, Night Vision & Parking Assist $58.97 MSRP 4.75/5 (4)

Best WiFi ENABLED (mirror cam) – PARTIM NX100 Car Camera | Dash Cam Front and Rear – Mirror Recorder DVR with WIFI | Rear View Camera 720p | 4.3” Mirror | Dashboard Driving Recorder with G-Sensor, Night Vision & Parking Assist

Best WiFi ENABLED (mirror cam): “This is the perfect camera if you are in the car for long periods of time and really don’t want to block your line of vision. I drive for Uber and Lyft so having to keep an eye out for street names and passengers pickups is key. Instead of using the second camera as a backup camera I mounted on the dashboard facing in towards the backseats to record any late night issues that sometimes happen when you’re an Uber driver in the city. I don’t know how it works in other States but in NY its wise to put a dash cam recording sticker on your window to let folks know they are being recorded before they get into your car.” Vinny B. (Brooklyn, NY) // Discount Dash Cam

  • 1080P FULL HD DRIVE RECORDING: Ultimate driving safety and gain full control of your car on the road with PARTIM NX100 Dual Dash Cam! With the widest DASHBOARD LENS of full 170 degrees, this anti-glare mirror backup car camera recorder will allow you to lock a video of up to 20sec, automatically saved to provide evidence in case of an accident. Drive in peace of mind that and enjoy the safest trip with a premium dash cam!
  • WIFI MOBILE CONNECTION Connect your vehicle camera to your smartphone on WIFI and see all the recordings, save, share or delete them. You will also see the front or the rear view camera screen on your mobile. The NX100 car mirror camera with wifi really makes everything easier.
  • EASY PARKING with advanced NX100 park assist: Reap the benefits of Car Park Assistance every time you park in reverse, thanks to this dual dash cam! With a rear view 4.3 inch DVR automatically turned ON, it will save you time and energy when parking in limited space, boosting your parking confidence and saving your car from accidental dents in narrow areas.
  • INSTALLATION GUIDE WHEN PURCHASE: Rear view mirror backup camera INSTALATION TUTORIAL link, sent directly to you upon your purchase, to make installation of video operation an effortless. Half hour task, saving you precious time and energy. PARTIM All-Inclusive Package of a Rear View camera HD 720p, Dash Board Camera Car Recorder Full HD 1080p 5V charger and USB (computer) cable connector also includes a comprehensive. The installation tutorial is ussualy sent 24-48 hours after purchase.
  • LOCK VIDEO RECORDING– G-SENSOR: Camera mirror locks the recording when crash occured and so offers maximum prove safety. With an optimal FRONT visibility of Full HD 1080p and ultimate REAR HD 720p, NX100 in mirror dash cam back up camera kit will be automatically turned ON the second you turn on the engine of your car and will be shut OFF within 5 sec if your stop the vehicle, to take crisp, crystal clear pictures and seamless video recordings IN LOOP.

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